iAura Corn Starch Tea Bags: Crafting a Greener Tea Experience

iAura Corn Starch Tea Bags: Crafting a Greener Tea Experience


iAura Tea Bags – the latest innovation in sustainable tea brewing.


We're proud to share that iAura tea bags are crafted from a unique biodegradable compound made with Polylactic acid (PLA), a substance derived from plants, also known as corn starch. By harnessing the power of PLA, we've created tea bags that are not only environmentally friendly but also safe for your health.


Plastic-free and derived from natural sources, iAura tea bags represent a new era of conscientious consumption. Light in weight yet durable, they break down naturally over time, leaving no harmful residue behind. With iAura, you can enjoy your favorite tea while minimizing your environmental impact.


Did you know? Traditional plastic tea bags release billions of microplastics and nanoplastic particles into your cup, posing potential health risks. iAura tea bags, on the other hand, are designed to be eco-friendly and safe for both you and the planet.


Unlike other tea bags that use non-biodegradable materials like nylon or polyester, iAura's corn starch-based tea bags promote sustainable agriculture and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.


Even after being left for several hours or days, this material won't degrade in your cup of tea.


Here's a simple procedure for making tea using a tea bag:


Boil Water: Start by boiling fresh, filtered water in a kettle or pot. Bring the water to a rolling boil. Different types of tea may require different water temperatures, so refer to the specific instructions for your tea variety if needed.


Prepare Your Cup: While the water is boiling, prepare your tea cup or mug. Place one tea bag into the cup, ensuring that the string and tag are hanging over the side for easy removal later.


Pour Hot Water: Once the water has reached the desired temperature, carefully pour it into the cup over the tea bag. Fill the cup with enough hot water to cover the tea bag completely.


Steep the Tea: Allow the tea bag to steep in the hot water for the recommended amount of time. This duration can vary depending on the type of tea and personal preference. Typically, black tea steeps for 3-5 minutes, while green tea steeps for 2-3 minutes. Herbal teas may require longer steeping times.


Enjoy Your Tea: Once the tea is prepared to your liking, sit back, relax, and enjoy your freshly brewed cup of tea.


Together, let's raise our cups to a brighter, greener tomorrow with iAura Tea Bags leading the way.

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