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The peace, the beauty, and the medicinal touch, nature has all the secrets!

We are a team of like-minded people embracing the miracles of nature and bringing them in front of you with our organic products. We belong to the laps of Uttrakhand, and having grown up while being surrounded by nature, we have seen it at its closest. Today, we have reached a deceptive state of fitness, an encounter with nature is all we need to prioritise our health!

The role of the adequate diet cannot be left unseen, which makes it essential to see what you can include in it. Now, as we have been seeing the unadulterated form of farming from a bit closer, we are aware of the obstacles from both corners. Where farmers face issues like shortage of water or threat by animals, the hindrance in your way can be the availability of the products without the true medicinal essence of nature. So you see, the hurdle is everything botched!

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Our Story


The essence of iAura started flowing in 2019, we started with the research on herbs of our teas by using the ancient techniques of wellness.


We started cultivating herbs with the help of local women farmers and testing them while living in the Himalayas of Almora District. Along with the cultivation, our team also introduced effective farming techniques to the women farmers of Uttarakhand which led to their empowerment


After one year of testing and researching, our company, Kimalaya Naturals PVT LTD, was registered and, under it, our brand iAura came into existence.


Today we have reached to the heights where we have 4 different teas Anti Diabetic, Immunity Booster tea, Kadha Tea and recently we have launched Femini tea as a cure for PCOD and PCOS. One of the major objectives of iAura is to stop the migration of people from the villages of Uttarakhand. We believe that every youth should get the best opportunity here, so that he/she would never think of leaving their homes of Uttarakhand.

Our Team

By now, we have shared ideas and what motivated us to come together, but do you know who we are? Like said earlier, we are a team of like-minded people who want to present the essence of nature closer to you! Our team comprises scholars in botany and medicinal plants, members with experience in understanding your needs, and advisors who stay up to present the best for you.

Bhupender Singh Adhikari

Co-Founder & COO

Kanchan Singh Kuwarbi

Co-Founder & CBO

Dr. Kavita Negi

Co-Founder & CEO

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