How iaura was born ?

How iaura was born ?

During and post my pregnancy we were struggling to find safe products for our baby from food to a simple face cream, we never realized everything around us is full of harmful chemicals, even many big ayurvedic/natural brands products are full of harmful chemicals preservatives and paraben. Surprisingly this was just not our problems, after talking to our friends and family we realized that they are also preferring to go for organic products (many of them because of pandemic) but are unsure because following reasons:-
1. Authentic Organic products are not available easily and at a good price.
2. Even big ayurvedic/natural brands use harmful chemicals.
3. Most of certified organic companies are not growing their Raw Materials and outsourcing manufacturing completely hence they very little control on authenticity and quality.
4. Company doesn't have any scientific research background so they have zero inhouse capacity to test their products for quality.

We found solution to our problem when we came back to our hometown, Ranikhet, Uttarakhand on June'2020 from Delhi due to Pandemic.
Me and my Husband both come from modest Farmers family, while growing up most of our food items used to come from our own field, farming here is done traditional way so there is no question of using any harmful chemicals and hence all products are 100% ORGANIC. We were so happy to again have access to unlimited supply of healthy food during pandemic. It also got us thinking the struggle of our farmers:-
1. They don't have any support/guide to help them learn new techniques of framing.
2. They solely rely on farming staple foods, which get impacted by wild animals, reduce their income and force them to migrate to cities.
3. They don't have access to proper marketplace, hence it is difficult for us as a consumer to get access to their produce.

So the problems -
a. Access to authentic Organic products
b. Struggle of our Farmers

Needed to be solved ?

And iAura was born from high Himalayas with the mission to utilized ancient techniques of wellness with modern science to provide healthy lifestyle to each individual on the planet and provide holistic development of Farmers.

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