Experience the Elixir of Beauty with iAura Damask Rose Water!

Introducing a timeless beauty secret that has been cherished for centuries – our Damask Rose Water. Sourced from the majestic heights of the Himalayas, this exquisite rose water encapsulates the essence of pure floral luxury. 

BenefitsRadiant Skin Hydration: Immerse your skin in the gentle caress of Damask Rose Water. Its natural hydrating properties help restore your skin's moisture balance, leaving you with a radiant and dewy complexion.

Soothing Sensation: The delicate aroma and soothing touch of rose water provide a calming effect, reducing redness and irritation. It's your personal spa treatment in a bottle.

Natural Toner: Embrace the beauty of nature with a natural toner that helps tighten pores and refine skin texture, unveiling a smoother and more even skin tone.

Anti-Aging Elixir: Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, Damask Rose Water helps combat signs of aging by promoting cell renewal and protecting your skin from environmental stressors.

Aromatherapeutic Bliss: Indulge in the luxurious aroma of Damask roses that uplifts your mood and promotes relaxation. A few spritzes can instantly transport you to a blooming rose garden.

How It's Made: Our Damask Rose Water is created through a meticulous steam distillation process, capturing the essence of Damask roses in their purest form. Handpicked from the Himalayan valleys, these roses thrive in an environment untouched by pollution, infusing the rose water with unparalleled freshness.

Himalayan Elixir: To enhance the purity and potency, we use Himalayan water during the distillation process. This infusion of Himalayan vitality elevates our Damask Rose Water, making it an exquisite elixir of beauty and well-being.

Elevate your skincare ritual with iAura Damask Rose Water and relish in the timelessness of botanical luxury. Unveil the magic of Himalayan roses and let your beauty bloom naturally.


Individual Wellness from Himalayas

We are for them because they are the ones that get up with the sun and travel long distances to their fields to plant love in order for us to harvest care. For and by the women farmers in Uttarakhand, there is an iAura. We are a compassionate act. By selecting iAura, you give our community more power.

The most flavorful method to recharge yourself

The conversation that takes place over a boiling hot cup of iAura tea is one of the few things that can bring people together. With the finest whole tea leaves gathered straight from the Dwarahat, Almora, we wanted to make these memories even more remarkable.The spices in the masala are only partially ground so you may enjoy the potent aroma that will awaken your senses as well as the nourishment you need to get through the day. Take a cup and share it with your loved ones now!

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