The iaura tea bag that's environment friendly

The iaura tea bag that's environment friendly

IAura Tea is dedicated to its clients' health and wellbeing as well as to the direct procurement of amazing organic teas and botanicals. As consumers, we are all more conscious than ever of what we put into our bodies, so worrying about plastic contaminating our tea is the last thing that we want to have on our minds.
Polylactic acid, a substance derived from plants, is used to make Iaura's tea bags (or PLA for short). By dissolving the starches contained in plant sources, PLA is created, which is an inert, DNA-free substance. These become hypoallergenic and allergen-free since no remaining plant DNA was left behind during this process. Because PLA does not come from petroleum, it does not introduce hazardous plasticizers into your brew. iAura is carefully sourced to give you and your family the safest and tastiest cup of tea possible while remaining true to our sourcing principles.
Biodegradable: PLA tea bags are made using a biodegradable material that can break down in a high-heat, high-quality composting system. This indicates that circumstances must reach a minimum of 120 °F and 80% relative humidity for an extended period of time (about 2 months). Even after being left for several hours or days, this material won't degrade in your cup of tea.

No glues, staples, or metals: To aid in the production of a biodegradable product, iAura tea bags only feature a cotton string and printed paper tag. Utilizing vibrational energy of high heat and ultrasonic plus, this material is fastened to the PLA mesh.
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